Welcome to the Exclusive World of RR1

RR1 is a private community that grants members access to Robb Report’s highly-curated, one-of-a-kind experiences. This global community of connoisseurs, collectors, and adventure-seekers convene year after year for unforgettable gatherings in the U.S. and abroad, offering opportunities to truly engage with their peers and build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Leveraging our reputation as the authoritative voice of global luxury, Robb Report is uniquely positioned to provide members with direct access to the world’s leading brands across a myriad of industries. Robb Report opens the door to members so they can access the great business leaders behind the incredible luxury brands we work with.

Experience a Community Like No Other

RR1 members are dynamic, curious, and enthusiastic tastemakers within their professional and personal networks. They exemplify the DNA of Robb Report: Living Life to the Fullest. Admittance is based on the belief that who you travel with matters.

RR1 welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and industries. We seek out members who are positive, inquisitive, engaged, and welcoming. In other words, those who would make wonderful additions to any dinner party.

Community is at the core of our experiences, not only amongst our members, but also with our luxury partners and industry-leading guests who often become good family friends. We are grateful for all of the beautiful connections that have been forged from late-night toasts, early-morning drives, dinners full of laughter and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

With these guiding principles, RR1 has achieved an energetic, global community of devoted thought-leaders who truly embody Robb Report.