RR1 celebrates the never-ending quest for the best of the best and for living life to the fullest. As part of our private social membership community, RR1 members enjoy truly unique access to luxury through Robb Report’s Signature Events, Tailored Travel trips, and incredible experiences with a remarkable group of peers who share similar passions – such as travel, automotive, horology, fine dining, wine, fashion, yachting, and dream machines. From discovering the most alluring and exclusive destinations to previewing the top cars and products before the official release, to dining with culinary luminaries, and meeting leaders of the world’s leading luxury brands, RR1 members truly experience the extraordinary.

Extraordinary Experiences Await

When you are ready, we are ready to welcome you back.

With many regions re-opened, we are pleased to open up reservations for our curated experiences taking place over the course of the 2nd half of the year. Our team is constantly monitoring state and local guidelines in order to provide our guests with the safest and most unforgettable experiences. It’s been wonderful seeing many of your faces throughout our RR1 Live+ virtual gatherings. We look forward to welcoming you back as we continue on this journey together.

Yours truly,



Cristina Cheever,

Senior Vice President, Live Media