Please be sure you are connected to wifi at The Boca Raton and at The Concours Club to ensure the best operation of the Guest Portal and to ensure your votes and commentary are submitted correctly.


I’m a judge, how do I complete my judging? Select ‘Vehicle LIneup’ and the car you wish to judge. Next, select ‘Judging Questions’ which will take you to a new tab for that car. You may complete your judging at leisure, but please be sure to have all of your judging for each car complete before the Judging Dinner on the last day.

May I go back and change my answers? Once you submit, your answers are final, but you may leave the judging open in your browser and jump between different tabs to judge multiple cars at the same time. We don’t advise you to wait too long as the form can clear itself if it becomes disconnected from wifi before you have submitted it.

Do I have to do the Final Vote? Yes. Once you finish driving and judging all of the vehicles, please complete the Final Vote on the main menu with your top three selections for Car of the Year. Please be sure to submit your final vote before the Judging Dinner on the last day.


During the day, we suggest resort casual attire. For the drives, please wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

For the dinners in the evenings: 
Welcome Dinner (Day 1): Casual Elegant – Jackets optional for this evening. Please note, that the reception will be held outdoors and dinner will be held indoors.
Judging Dinner (Day 2): Cocktail Attire – We ask gentlemen to please wear a jacket, but ties are optional. Please note, that the reception and dinner will both be held outdoors.

Temperatures on average will be a high 70s/ low 80s during the day and low 70s / high 60s in the evening.

More questions? Just ask! Please contact Caroline Barry at (310) 589-7664 or carolineb@robbreport.com.