Safari Adventure of A Lifetime

Join RR1 and ROAR Africa on the Safari Adventure of a Lifetime.

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DAY 1 

PRIVATE CHARTER FLIGHT: Johannesburg – Maun; Maun – Xigera Lodge

ACTIVITY OPTIONS: Game Drives in a purpose-built 4x4; Wine Tastings in the Wild; Yoga, Gym, Relaxation

DAY 2 


LIFE WITH ELEPHANTS - CULTURAL TOUR OF THE VILLAGE OF ERETSHA: Botswana is the country with the largest elephant population on earth; in the eastern Okavango Delta Panhandle there are roughly 18,000 elephants. Learn more about the majestic elephants - up close and personal - and how their communication, social structure, life cycles, intelligence, memory and capacity for self-awareness mimic our own.

DAY 3 

MOKORO EXCURSIONS AND BOATING AT XIGERA: Explore on a beautiful glass-bottomed mokoro craft (a traditional canoe) or sleek motor boat to experience the labyrinthine waterways. Watch the hippos and crocodiles that rest in the cooling lagoons throughout the Okavango Delta, and perhaps the elephants that wade in the waters nearby.

TSODILO HILLS DAY TRIP VIA HELICOPTER: A day trip via Helicopter to the Tsodilo Hills, located in northwest Botswana, contains around 400 rock art sites with more than 4,000 individual paintings, and has been termed the “The Louvre of the Desert”. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001, Tsodilo comprises four main hills. Male Hill, Female Hill, Child Hill and North Hill with paintings on all four. This region reveals human occupation going back 100,000 years. At sunset, the western cliffs of the Hills radiate a glowing light that can be seen for miles around, for which the local Juc’hoansi call the “Copper Bracelet of the Evening.”

WILDLIFE IN MOREMI GAME RESERVE: With such a wide variety of vegetation comes a diverse spectrum of wildlife. Huge herds of Impala and Tsessebe are found in the area, while in the dry season large herds of Buffalo, Wildebeest, Elephant and Zebra flock into the reserve from the Kalahari in search of food and water. Lions, Cheetahs and packs of Wild Dogs hunt in the open grassland. The reserve is also home to over 400 species of birds. Moremi Game Reserve is a wilderness paradise, with great game viewing throughout the year.

DAY 4 

TIGER FISHING AT XIGERA: The Okavango Delta is well known for its large volume of Tigerfish, one of the world’s most dramatic freshwater game fish. (Please note that fishing takes place in waters outside of the Moremi since fishing is not allowed within the Game Reserve. With a limited supply of basic equipment fishing is offered seasonally on a catch-and-release basis.)

XIGERA SPA AND WELLNESS: The healing power of nature is momentary, yet undeniable. From the simple serenity of escaping into this untamed wilderness to the deeply humbling nature of immersing yourself in a vast and ancient landscape, your hours at Xigera will leave you feeling revived, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The spectacular spa provides a tranquil haven perfect for pure relaxation.

SUNSET COCKTAILS AT THE BAOBAB TREEHOUSE: Enjoy sunset cocktails at the Baobab Treehouse.

Sounds from the surrounding bird-life, animals and insects drift through the tree-like branches and screened windows into the tented structure. Ascend to the top of the ‘baobab’ and the drama truly unfolds, with an open-air deck for lounging, reading and watching wildlife pass undisturbed below. A serene, hidden – and entirely safe – eyrie from which to witness the magic of the Okavango Delta at dusk.


PRIVATE CHARTER FLIGHT: Xigera Lodge – Maun and Maun – Johannesburg

GAME DRIVES: The lodge has a flexible approach to game drives. There is always an early start option for those eager to be the first up and out to find any predators on the move. There are also late departure options for game drives.

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