Robb Report Car of the Year Winner's Circle

Car of the Year Winner’s Circle

Welcome to Car of the Year Winner’s Circle -an exclusive RR1 member Tailored Travel experience.

Guests are able to explore the home of Robb Report’s Car of the Year by touring the manufacturer’s factory along with enjoying an incredible curated trip through the country.

In 2019, Car of the Year Winner’s Circle guests were able to tour Italy with a Lamborghini experience by RR1. RR1 members truly enjoyed celebrating the Lamborghini Urus, Robb Report’s 2019 Car of the Year Winner, at the legendary marque’s headquarters to see the masterful work being done on the vehicles first-hand.

On this five-night journey in Bologna, Milan, and the Italian countryside, RR1 members were immersed in the hallmarks of Italian culture. Members enjoyed rally-style driving, savored the regional delicacies, experienced the sites, and went behind the scenes with Lamborghini and their extraordinary team at the automaker’s factory.

Destination & exact dates based on the Robb Report Car of the Year 2020 winner announced in January.
More information to come.

* This event is exclusive to RR1 members only. For inquiries or to be added to the waitlist, contact Caroline Barry at


Spring 2020


Home of Robb Report's 2020 Car of the Year Winner

Private Event

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