Antarctica Adventure – Journey to the South Pole

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RR1 Members have the honor of being the first ever group to officially launch and enjoy access to the brand-new Wolf’s Fang Explorers camp, the first-of-its-kind luxury camp on the entire continent. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your own heated hut. Savor delicious meals and elegant drinks served in the arctic-luxury dining room. Snowmobile across glaciers, trek to the top of pristine mountains, interact with tens of thousands of emperor penguins and chicks, and be transported by the blue-ice tunnels to a world few have had the fortune of seeing. Discover arctic majesty frozen in time during your journey to the literal bottom of the Earth: the geographic South Pole. These and many more extraordinary adventures await you on the elusive 7th continent.

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DAY ONE/January 8

Arrive in Cape Town, South Africa,for a warm welcome to begin this extraordinary adventure. There will be a safety briefing to prepare for your polar adventure.

DAY TWO/January 9

Enter the 24-hour daylight zone on a private Gulfstream and land on one of the most remote runways in the world. Settle into your new environment, and allow your mind to relax as you enter a surreal, pristine, uninhabited world.

DAY THREE/January 10

Enjoy a day of leisure, or have expert guides show you the ropes to rappel down ice walls. Trek up the otherworldly mountains, or bike across the icy-blue dunes. Unwind with a drink, and learn about emperor penguins to prepare for tomorrow. 

DAY FOUR/January 11

A two-hour flight across Antarctica takes you to a colony of 28,000 emperor penguins. This is a rare opportunity that very few have ever experienced.

DAY FIVE/January 12

Take flight, with pilots as your guides, through the dramatic DrygalskiMountains. Soak in the stunning views as you soar and tour the range from a perspective even few birds have seen. 

DAY SIX/January 13

Embark on a journey fit for pioneering explorers. First, explore a high polar plateau, and then go on an expedition to the geographicalSouth Pole, -the southernmost axis of the Earth. Stamp your passport and spend the night camping in the heart of Antarctica at the most remote camp on the planet. 

DAY SEVEN/January 14

Wake up in the South Pole to a delicious and hearty breakfast. Take in the immense scale and infinite horizons of Antarctica on your flight back to base camp. Celebrate your achievements with an elegant dinner and Champagne. 

DAY EIGHT/January 15

Converse with experts about the little-known history, secrets, and record-breaking expeditions in Antarctica. Climb to the top of nearby mountains and picnic on the summit as you take in the remarkable landscapes and glacial views.

DAY NINE/January 16

Return to Cape Town on the private Gulfstream as you reflect on the ending to an unforgettable journey.**

Schedule and details above are subject to change.

**Hotel accommodations are not included for this evening. 

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